The Best BBQ in Town

What makes us so good?

Smokeland BBQ

  • Our meat is kissed and caressed by fire and smoke to give it that succulent smoky bbq flavour 🔥
  • Our products are cooked on traditional smokers.
  • Our products are weighed before we add sauce, so you get maximum bang for your buck.
  • Our products use natural preservatives to keep them fresh for longer, so you can store them in a fridge for a month before eating.

Our Competitors

  • ❌ They add “smoke flavour” chemicals to their sauces to try and emulate that smoky flavour people love.
  • ❌ Their products are cooked in commercial ovens.
  • ❌ They weigh their products after adding sauce, so you end up paying more.
  • ❌ They use chemicals to preserve their meat.