Wholesale Opportunities

One of our first wholesale customers:

“The best thing about your food is someone who buys Smokeland’s food this week, comes back next week with a friend.”

Up Your Turnover,
Increase Your Profit

Smokeland BBQ will bring you free samples of our foods, foods that people drive miles across town to buy again and again.

Smokeland’s foods are easy to prepare. Most are “heat n serve”. We sell our food for less than it would cost you to make. Our radio ads will drive local customers to you.

Easy To Heat N Serve

So easy anyone can get it right the first time. A dozen ways with basic equipment that everybody has.

Long life packaging. No preservatives except natural herbs ‘n’ spices & smoke. You can stock enough to never run out & eliminate wastage. Smokeland BBQ attracts customers & creates complimentary sales of drinks & your other foods. We make it cheaper than you Our volume purchasing & techniques mean we can sell to you for less than your cost to produce (imagine marinating overnight, building fires, smoking & slow cooking for 12 to 36hrs).

Kiwis Crave Our Smoked Foods

Smokeland BBQ has tested our food at night markets all over town & everybody loved it except vegetarians.

We opened a test lunch bar (11am – 2pm M-F) & quickly had lines of customers who continued to come bringing friends. Our test wholesaled to a normal takeaway. Initially they bought $500 of our food. Within a few months they were buying $3,000 (wholesale).

We’ll Generate Business For You

Our advertising will drive smoked food addicts to you, our radio & social media campaign will drive business to you.

Our publicity booths at special events will drive business to you. Dominate your area. Become a Smokeland BBQ distributor & we will give you time to establish a following before supplying others in your area. Think about it, take a minute to sample & order Smokeland BBQ products now. It’s never too late to increase your turnover by having Smokeland BBQ smoked foods on your menu. This is an opportunity for you to add significantly to your bottom line with almost no risk.

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